2 comments on “Photos

  1. Gentlemen –

    What happened to all the old content? Developing a new website is commendable but removing the old content until the new content is ready is premature. An alumnus will be in contact in order to restore or recover the Plunkett Trust web pages. We would advise you to do the same with whatever content you can.

    – C. Marc Wagner, ID 74, Chairman of the Plunkett Trust.

    • Brother Wagner,

      Georgia Tech canceled our service without warning. We have made numerous attempts to resolve the issue over the past year to no avail. With limited options, we have decided upon a WordPress account so that we could have a site available during Rush this semester. I will be working over the next few days to make sure this site is clean and appears complete as Rush officially begins August 16. I have already spoken with Kevin Hawkins about our issues but if you have further questions, please send them to and I will be happy to discuss the situation in detail. Thank you for your concern.

      Alex Miller

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